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Foam-filled fun for friends and family

Our hypo-allergenic and biodegradable foam is safe for kids, pets and the environment.
This makes clean up stress-free!

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Certified Autism Resource

We carry and use products that have been certified by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.


What we bring to the party

We will supply and bring the following items to you:

Foam Cannon 

Accessories and foam solution included

Sound System

Get ready to dance!

Leave the heavy lifting
to us

Trained Professionals

For equipment handling

Safety Signs

For foam zone

Beach Balls

Just a little
something extra

What you bring to the party

We bring the party to you. But, we ask that you supply the following:


Grounded 3-prong outlet

75 feet from the machine

Water Supply

75 ft from machine

Grass or Pavement

At least 20x20 ft free

of obstructions and holes

Adult Supervision

For events with children

Check out our
Night Party Packages!

For teens and adults

More foam fun from our gallery

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